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Puppies in the Wild:

A Virtual Course in Puppy Raising 


About the Program

  • It is open enrollment and self-paced. You may start at any time and implement the training, homework, and exercises according to your lifestyle and schedule 

  • Access to a PRIVATE coaching group where you can post your progress videos and receive professional feedback

  • Access to over 70 LIVE training sessions and growing

  • Weekly LIVE training sessions on various topics including but not limited to: handling, socialization, dog to dog play, reactivity, crate training, kid and dog interactions, and how to manage training while also living real life. 

  • The one-time fee option that comes with lifetime access to the course and 9 months of access to the private coaching group with the option to pay for ongoing access to the private coaching group

  •  178+ lessons with step by step instructions

  • Many lessons include multiple videos to show the behavior in a variety of circumstances to demonstrate the progression and how to prepare, manage, and train for success regardless of the environment 

  • 200+ pieces of content

  • Handouts that cover supplies, how to prepare for bringing home a puppy, how to set up your home, how to start preventing the most commonly seen behavioral issues in adolescent and adult dogs. 

  • Homework to complete at home to make sure both you and your puppy are set up for success at home

  • Interactive homework with feedback broken down into 2-3 minute sessions to make puppy training easier to tackle and manage.

  • A fun, supportive community dedicated to raising happy, healthy, resilient puppies

  • An inside look at my journey with raising a puppy that is not posted anywhere else. 

  • Completely Fear Free and Force Free methods taught by Jennifer Burns M.A., CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

  • Real-life videos of professional dog trainers working through the exercises to see how to adjust your training for your individual dog

  • Real-time feedback to support through any specific challenges you may be experiencing with your puppy  

  • Peace of mind knowing you will never feel stuck or confused during the puppy raising process

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