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How We Train

Conscious Dog Training utilizes a completely force-free and choice based dog training approach that is deeply rooted in science and positive reinforcement. We believe that the relationship with your dog is precious, and our dog training philosophy reflects this by being completely free from force, fear, pain, and coercion. We value the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of your dog, and believe that no harm should ever come to any animal throughout the training process, and as such, we do not use corrective collars of any kind (choke, prong, shock, e-collar, etc.). We believe the training process should be fun and rewarding for both you and your dog, and that training is a conversation between you and your dog; any “mistakes” are just feedback in the conversation. At Conscious Dog Training, our goal is to teach you how to train your dog so that you not only have a better understanding of your dog, but you are also equipped with the skills necessary to maintain your dog’s new and improved behavior for a lifetime. With over 60 years of combined dog training experience, we can safely and successfully address all of your dog training issues ranging from puppy training to aggression, as well as: 


• Potty Training

• Basic Manners and Obedience

• Leash Pulling

• Not coming when called

• Dog Aggression

• Human Aggression

• Separation anxiety

• Fearful/skittish behaviors

• Leash Reactivity

• Excessive Barking

• Destructive Chewing / Digging

• Jumping up/Overexcitement

• Hyperactivity

• Nipping / Mouthing

• Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Training

• Resource Guarding

• Child and Dog Interactions






Why It Works


Science has proven over and over that punishment is not the answer. Electric shock is considered a form of torture, so there is absolutely no reason why a shock collar should be used at any time on “man’s best friend” throughout the learning and training process.  If dogs are truly considered our best friends, then they, just like any other living creature, deserve to learn in an environment that fosters trust, empowerment, and the freedom to choose. Our training philosophy is entirely based on science, and the latest developments in Animal Behavior. We rely heavily on the power of classical and operant conditioning which have been proven to be effective for decades, not only with animals, but also with humans. We use what positively motivates your dog, which can include food, petting, play/toys, or anything else your dog loves to reward and reinforce your dog’s behavior. As a result, your dog chooses to cooperate and work with you because it’s fun and rewarding rather than out of fear. 





Equipment Used

Cloth collars

Walking Harness

Basket Muzzles 


Long Lines


Rewards (food, toys, etc.)

Treat pouch/bait bag

Watch Us Work!

Happy Dog on a hike dog training austin
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